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Here are some of the other spells that I can cast for you, including money, career, health, and success spells. if you are looking for my love spells, please go to the Love Spells Page.

Money and Career Spells

**NEW** Help With Bills/Debt

Gas prices are skyrocketing, and you are probably having trouble paying down your credit card balances. And your mortgage? Ick! This spell is designed to help you with some of the financial problems you (and everyone!) are experiencing right now. While this spell will not instantly make your debt vanish, it is a good start to getting on the path to financial freedom. After this spell is cast, you will see the pain of paying your bills get easier, whether it is through some additional income that finds its way to you, or through another means, like reduced interest rates, finding a special deal or savings, or even your credit cards offering you a 2 month 'no-payments needed' special! One family even had an inhereted hybrid vehicle come their way! (50 mpg!)

** Right now I am offering this at a reduced price in order to help get your lifeback on track as fast as possible!

Fast Cash

Need a reasonable amount of cash QUICK? Got bills to pay, mortgage due, or need extra money for a one time expense? This spell brings the amount needed FAST! Be sure to tell me the specific amount you need.

Wealthy Life Spell

More than just quick cash, this spell takes a little longer to manifest, but boy, is it sure worth it! Want to live a life of luxury, with nice cars, a big house, and all the grown up toys and jewlery you can imagine? This spell brings it - often in ways you do not expect! I also make sure to put a "AN IT HARM NONE" clause in the spell, so the money only comes from happy things.

Career Builder

Get that raise, promotion,advancement or recognition you deserve!

New (and Better!) Job Spell

Applying for a new job, and need that extra 'kick' to get you the position? Get this spell and send in your resume and wait for the callback! Works on all job types.

Lotto Lotto Make Me Rich!

For lottery players and all games of chance. Makes you lucky all month long! One of my clients won $15,000 in her state lottery!

Goin' to Vegas?

A luck spell specifically for casinos. Whether you're going to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, on a cruise, or to an Indian Casino, this spell will better your chance of winning big!

Revenge Spells

That Bitch! Spell

Did someone harm you, do something mean, something rude, or something downright evil to you? This spell calls upon the law of Karma, to get that mean spirited person exactly what is coming to them. And you'll know when it happens!

Stop Gossip

This spell will stop all gossip about you and/or your loved ones. If gossip is hurting your life, your relationship, or your family, this spell will put an end to gossipy lips!

Health Spells

*I will not do health spells related to illness or disease. PLEASE see a licenced medical practitioner if you have something serious that needs to be treated.

Weight Loss Spell

Can usually be used to remove 5-20 lbs of fat and excess weight from you (or a loved one). If you need more weight removed, order the spell again.


Pregnancy/Fertility Spell

If you want to conceive this spell will help you start the life of a healthy and happy baby.


Spell for Beauty

Keep your youthful beauty everlasting with this beauty and glamour spell. He will always find you eternally beautiful, even more so every day!

Custom Spells

Custom Spell

If your situation does not fit with any of the above, I can create a Custom Spell for you.


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