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Answers about my Love Spells

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my spells. Please take the time to read over this section before you place a request. You should find most of the answers you need here. If your questions aren't answered on the FAQ page, please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I am currently making a page of testimonials from my clients. If your spell has been successful and you wish to share it with others, please email me! Of course you can change your name and situation if you want, to protect your privacy. To read some of the testimonials from my clients click here.

Also check out this page of some pictures of my ACTUAL love spell atlars and other spell working spaces that I will use to cast your spell.

Is magic real? Do spells really work? How do spells work?

Both magic and spell work are most definitely real. However, they can be very hard to define without having years of study devoted to the topic. I will try to give you a very simple, down to earth explanation here.

At its most basic, a spell is a highly detailed wish, or prayer that actually carries with it some power to manifest. It is the process of harnessing and directing energy to manifest a desired outcome or change. There is an inherent energy lying within Earth and all living things. This energy, this capacity for magic radiates from all living beings (including plants, herbs, etc). The goal of magic is to tap into the right kind of energy for your spell work and direct it in a way to create change.

The energy is harnessed and directed using a variety of tools, like candles, herbs, symbols, chants and actions. I have dedicated years of study and practice into the systems and of various forms of magick in order to best learn how to raise, draw, focus and direct energy on the behalf of the spell intention and manifest the desired outcome

What is your success rate?

Most of clients have very good results with my spell castings. Currently I have an 89% success rate with clients who get exactly what they wanted. The rest get either partial results or no results. Sometimes a partial result means that you may need to do more work on your situation. There is another question that answers what happens when spells don't work. I would also like to add that no one can or should guarantee 100% that you will get what you wanted from any type of magickal work. It is impossible to offer that type of guarantee and be honest!!

How do I order a spell and what happens then?

First, decide what spell is right for you!  If you need help figuring out which spell would be best, please email me at .  Then do the following:

  1. Click on the button next to the spell you want to order.  Rest assured, your privacy is protected and secured using Paypal. In fact, nothing about spells or magic will show up on your credit card receipt. All your credit card will say is "PAYMENT" by PayPal
  2. Email me with this information:

    - your full name (first and last) and birthdate (include the year)
    - full names and birthdates (if you know them) of others involved in the spell
    - details about your situation, and what you want to happen
    - photos of you, or the people involved, if you have them (optional)
  3. I will email you back to confirm that everything was received. Please remember that I spend most of my time working on spells and spell casting, and only check my email once a day, so it may take me a few hours or a day to send you the confirmation. I do check email at least once a day, so you should hear from me shortly.

  4. I will cast your spell exactly 3 days after the date of your order. I will cast it in one night, during the appropriate hour (Venus hour for love spells) of that day. (usually between 9pm and midnight).
  5. You will begin seeing the results of your spell occur, and your wishes and dreams coming true!

  6. If you have further questions after your spell work has been cast, please read the section below on feedback.

Do you accept Money Orders, Western Union, or other online payments?

At this time, PayPal is the only payment method I will accept. I do that to assure you I am a legitimate, verified, business, and have a merchant account with a reputable company. If I was a fraud or a scam artist, I would not be able to work with a huge processor such as Paypal. I know not everyone has a credit card, and I am looking into other options for people like that at this time, but for now, please use PayPal if you wish me to work on your case.

How can you make someone love me? Isn't it wrong to force them into loving me?

One of the major ways love magick works is that it enhances feelings that are already there, and allows them to be felt fully, without obstacles or distractions. After the spell is cast, your love will have a new and completely restored love and appreciation for you. Renewed feelings of love and attraction will be impossible for them to ignore.

In situations where there are not existing feelings of love, or at least none that are apparent on the surface, the spell casting will open up a cosmic and spiritual connection between you and your love. During the casting, the energies sparked by the love spell allows your love's mind to be filled with thoughts of you. It also allows them the chance to see how much you love them, and open up feelings of love between the two of you. This process is best, because it doesn't trick the person into loving you, or trap them in a situation they would not really want. What it does is allow them to see the truth, that you have a true and honest love for them. Time and time again, people respond to this emotion. This is because love spell work depends on the belief that we all have a higher self, a spirit, or a soul and that we can contact that higher, perfect, and more reasonable self. The energy of the spell work allows your higher self to contact the higher self of the person you would like to have the relationship wit, and allows love to grow naturally between people.

In pure magic, you do not force someone to love you. You just give true, pure love and because of that you can except the same from that person in return. During the casting and after it is over the person will also feel an unexplainable magnetism and attraction to you and this drives them to seek you out and find you and be with you.

The same general theory applies for all the other spells, such as money, revenge, etc.

Why didn't my spell work?

I know without a doubt that magic and spell casting works, because I have seen it work over and over for myself, my family and friends, and my clients. At the same time, I have also seen spells not work. When magic doesn't work, it usually is for one of several reasons:

  1. It wasn't supposed to. There is the possibility that what you were asking for wasn't good for you, even though you believed it was. I know this can be very hard to accept, especially when you love and care about someone so much. However, some things are simply not supposed to be. The magic I use is not manipulative or dangerous, and will only be used to help repair damage, remove obstacles standing in the way of something you are supposed to have, bring luck, and bring appropriate love to you. There is no way this magic will do something that will eventually bring harm to you, no matter how badly you want that thing.
  2. Unknown situations and circumstances. In many cases there is something you do not know about the person you are working the spell on, such as a hidden tendency towards homosexuality, or unethical or illegal behavior.
  3. Something better is waiting for you. For example, I have a client who tried several love spells to get the father of her children to return to her, and marry her. But nothing worked, and he wouldn't return. Finally, a few months later, she met a very nice man, who fell for her almost instantly. Unlike her intended love, this man was very wealthy, very nice and caring, and not only did he fall for her, he wanted to adopt her children and care for them as if they were his. Last I heard, they were living in a very nice beach house, and she was happier than she could have ever dreamed
  4. Negative emotions or fears. All thoughts are energy, and this energy of negative thinking and fears can have a large impact on the spell work. If you are constantly worrying that this is a scam, or that it's not going to work, then there is a possibility that the negative energy of your fears and distrust will override all the positive magic I am sending your way. Try to stay positive and hopeful about the spell work. It is actually best not to think about it at all.
  5. Over thinking the spell work. Again, thoughts are energy, and since spell work is energy, the thoughts you are sending out on a daily basis will affect the spell work. The spell works best once the energies are completed, and released and let go. If you are constantly thinking about the spell, and when it will work, it is almost like I never finished the magic I was working. The spell is still tied to the universe on a thought plane, and will never get the chance to manifest, because it still thinks we are working on the spell process. The best thing I can tell you to do is to try to keep your mind off of the spell as much as possible. Try not to overanalyze if it is happening, or when it will happen, and just let things occur naturally.

Do you guarantee spells?

As far as how well spells work, I need to stress this fact - the Universe is NOT going to bring something to you that is bad for you, or that will harm you in the long run, no matter how badly you think you want it. Therefore, no one can guarantee 100% that any spell will work. If they do, then they are most likely using a form of black magic, which is unstable and comes with a very high Karmic price! When I cast spells, I always allow that there is 'free will' within spell workings, and that the spell will be for the good of all.   As an accomplished spell practitioner, I can offer you the best chance that you will ever have of success, without compromising your Karma for the future.

Are you a real person? Is this a legitimate business?

I am most certainly a real person. My name is Grace and this is a business I run by myself, with the help of a few friends who do some website work when I need it (I an not a computer person, and it's best if I leave that to someone else - I do the magic, let someone else worry about making a pretty webpage, right? I do tell them exactly what I want written on the webpage though, so these are all my words). I have been practicing magic and studying wicca for over 30 years. If you care to read about me, please see this page about me.

Also please notice that I use PayPal as my credit card processor, and I am also a PayPal 'verified business'. This means I have gone through a process of proving my business to them, and they have considered me legitimate and worthy. If I was a scam artist, or if I had complaints placed on me or my website, I would not have passed their verification process.

When will I see results from the spell I cast?

It is hard for me to guarantee when you will see results.  Any spell caster who does offer a “guarantee” is misleading you. I know you will be anxious to see your spell work manifest, so I have tried to provide some general time guidelines below, but you should remember that your spell results can happen at any time.

I have had some clients see results start on the first day I start casting their spell. Most take a bit longer than that to manifest. On average, I would expect you to begin to see results from your spell within 3-4 weeks after I have completed all of the necessary spell work for your situation. Please keep in mind that the results really are different for every person. I have had clients write to me to tell me they got results 6 months to a year after completing the spell work!

Even though I ask in my spell work for your spell to manifest as quickly as possible, universal energy and spirits do not have the same concepts of time as we do. Things will happen when it is right for them to happen. I am sure you would rather things happen slower and steadier, than to have quick results that end up fading.

Do you give feedback?

In general, I believe that feedback is not necessary for the spells I cast. It is really just better to let the energy go, work, and do it's thing. If you keep thinking and analyzing the spell, it will usually take it longer to manifest. (see the 'Why didn't my spell work?" question above.)

However I know that many clients have questions after the spell work is completed, in regards to how the spell went, and what they should do next. If you feel like you need to ask me questions about your spell, I can answer those questions for you (and any others you may have) in one of my tarot readings. Usually I can get all of your questions answered in a half hour reading. Please see this page to order a reading.

What if I have a question that's not answered here?

Just email me! I will get back to your email as soon as I can, usually within a day. My email address is .


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