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Love Spells I Offer

Here are some of the love spells that I can cast for you. Please read through the list carefully to select the spell that is the best for your situation. In some cases you may want to do more than one. If you have any questions on selecting the right spell, you can email me at for help.

Spells for Getting Love

Come To Me

Encourages your person to seek you out - call you - come see you - or run into you 'accidentally'. Use this spell, and they will come to you in no time!

Increase Communication Spell

Do you want more communication from your person? Are you sick of waiting around for texts, calls, emails, visits? Do you wish your communication was stronger and more clear? With this spell you will see an increase in communication, and better communication!

Love Me! Love Me! Love Me! (for a specific person)

Are tou looking for a love spell that really works? This spell will attract a specific person to you, and enchant them with your charms! They will realize their love for you and be head over heels for you in no time!

Love Me! Love Me! Love Me! (general)

This spell is for when you want love, but don't have a specific person in mind. Casting this spell will attract a suitable lover to you.

Find My Soulmate Now!

Can't live any longer without your soulmate? This spell will bring them in a hurry! Find everlasting love and bliss with the Soulmate Love Spell.

Spells for Solving Love Problems

BreakThem UP!

Does someone have the one you want? This spell will split a couple apart and they will not be together any more!

Bring Him/Her Back!


Has your lover left you? Bring them back to you quickly with the Bring Them Back spell. You will miss them no more. Be reunited with them now!

Keep Them Faithful


Stop cheating or the desire to cheat NOW. No more nights spent wondering where they are. Quick and effective cure for wandering lovers.

Get Rid of a Rival

Is there someone interfering in your love life? Whether it is a jealous gossip, a dissapproving parent or friend, or his/her friends, this spell will knock out the people who are preventing your love from being whole.

To Make a Lover Unable to Have Sex with Another

Your lover will physically be unable to have sex with anyone else but you!

Keeping Love Spells

To Keep Him/Her

Similar to a binding spell, this will ensure that your lover stays together with you always. They will not leave you unless you change your mind and want to let them go!

Bind a Lover to you

Binds your lover to you eternally - this spell is similar to the keep him/her spell, except with an extra boost of power and strength. You will also become soulmates, destined to meet again in other lives. This spell is very difficult to break if you ever change your mind, so you need to be really sure about the results!

Marriage Proposal Spell

Tired of waiting for that ring? Get him down on one knee fast with the Marriage Proposal Spell! Time to dress shop girls!


Spells for Ending Love

End Unwanted Love

Have you attracted someone you don't want? End unwanted interest in you with this spell. They will peacefully go their own way and leave you alone.

Passionate Love Spells

Spell for Steamy Sex

Spice up your sex life with this passionate and lusty spell!

Spells for Self, Friends, Family

Spell for Beauty

Keep your youthful beauty everlasting with this beauty and glamour spell. He will always find you eternally beautiful, even more so every day!

Spell for True Friends

Whether you are looking for one best friend, or a group of fun and loyal people to hang out with, casting this friendship spell will bring you the friends most suited for you.

Pregnancy/Fertility Spell

If you want to conceive this spell will help you start the life of a healthy and happy baby.

Solve Family Problems

Do you have problems with your children? Always fighting with your sister? Can't stand your mother-in-law? Tell me what you need, and I will cast a spell to solve the problem.

Break Bad Habits

This spell will help you stop that habit you want to break. Snoring? Smoking? Nail biting? Overeating? Procrastination? Tell me the habit (1 per spell please) and I will make sure it's banished! (*This spell an be done on yourself, or on another!)

Custom Love Spells

Custom Love Spell

If your situation does not fit with any of the above, I can create a Custom Love Spell for you. Email me first to get the best recommendation.

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